Wonderful Artist, Craftsman, and Friend

Takeshi Yonezawa

This article is a must see! Yone is one of our finest artists / craftsmen. It is such a joy to see what he does. His work is surprising and inspiring. My association with him has opened insight into the incredible history of Japanese leatherwork. I had been introduced to Japanese ceramics and woodworking but knew nothing about the rich history of the leatherwork of this deeply rich culture before meeting Yone. These words from this interview struck a particularly harmonious chord when I read them. "There is a Japanese proverb, “What one loves, one does well.” My passion for leatherwork drives me to continually seek knowledge. One thing people often forget is that knowledge is the accumulation our predecessors’ history; it is impossible for someone to learn completely alone." Takeshi Yonezawa Yonezawa Leather

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