The Red Ox Brand In-Line Sharpening System


Standard and Snap-In knives and sharpeners.

This jig is used to hold a swivel knife at the appropriate angle while it’s blade is being sharpened. The one hand piece can be made to hold any of the common swivel knife barrel sizes simply by placing the appropriate sized bushing into the hand piece. The bushings are available in two types, standard and Snap-In. The Standard bushings come in four sizes and are made to hold any corresponding sized swivel knife using two nylon tipped set screws.  The Snap-In bushings are made to hold a specialized Snap-In swivel knife which allows the user to easily and rapidly sharpen their swivel knife by sliding it into the sharpener and twisting it to hold it in place.

Hand pieces and bushings are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized. These tools are made in the USA, and a patent is being applied for.

Standard Knives and Bushings


These handpieces are holding standard bushings and swivel knives, using two nylon tipped set screws to hold the knives in place.
Standard bushings come in four sizes to accommodate the typical size knife barrels.

These are Red Ox Brand Snap-In swivel knives.  The one at the top of the image is held in a Snap-In bushing.  The bushings have a spring loaded indexing pin which engages the rings in the Snap-In knife barrels.  The knife simply slides into the bushing with the pin riding in a special access groove.  When the knife has extended through the fixture at the necessary distance for the desired sharpening angle the knife is twisted engaging the pin into one of the ring grooves.  This locks the knife in place for sharpening.  Remove the knife by simply reversing the procedure.

Snap-In Knives and Bushing

The knives come in three barrel sizes, 3/8", 7/16", and 1/2".  The bushings are sized to match.

Knives are available in either black oxide or brushed nickel finish.