Customer Reviews

"Gordon Andrus,  I received your inline swivel knife sharpening system today. OUTSTANDING!!!!

This is by FAR the best system to sharpen swivel knives I have ever used.  Dead easy to use, works like a charm.  I highly recommend that any leather workers out there to get one of these from Gordon, I am sure you won’t regret it.  Thanks much Gordon.
Ps: I also got one of Gordon’s swivel knives with the offset blade, top notch.
Gordons system of sharpening swivel knives is the best I have used by far.  It is very fast, easy, makes very sharp and consistent angles on your blade."

-Steve Mason-


"I agree Steve.  Love my sharpening kit and Gordon's knife.   I have learned a little stropping here and there won't CUT it.  I would recommend Gordon's knives to anyone needing one."

-Donn Frederick-


"I just received one of Gordon Andrus sharpening jigs along with one of his swivel knives and his offset blade as well. I am very familiar with the basic principles of this type of system from my metal engraving and I can give two initial opinions on this one."

1. "The quality is extremely high in Gordon’s product."
2. "This offers the most repeatable process for outstanding results."

-James Rogers-

Update:  "This book is poetry through geometry. I’m only a few pages in and he has an incredible voice for teaching through written word. I am blown away!"

-Calli Lombard-

 "I have that sharpener of  Gordon Andrus ….the best I have ever tried….never had my blades so sharp….ever!"

-Peter Main-

"The book arrived today, and it’s a great fit for a lot of questions I’ve been asking and fighting with. And so well presented!  I expected the acanthus and scroll material, but the analysis of the Bill Gardner flower was a wonderful surprise. I’ve always struggled with that flower–now I have a new shot at taking some steps.

More specifically about the design material: I’ve never seen a walk-through of growing into scroll design like what you’ve put together. I have most of the resources that you list in the bibliography, but I wasn’t able to do much with them beyond recognize scrolls. Now I feel like I can open them up and do a better job learning from them, and thanks for the other books you’ve listed, too.

In my evaluation, your book is a real contribution to the literature of design instruction. More importantly, though, it’s a real gift to those of us on the way. I hope that you feel like it was effort well spent when you look back on it."

-Tod Twist-



"I was messing around with that sharpener the other night. I got 6 blades sharpened to a perfect polished edge, in the time it takes to do one with a roller type jig.   And that off set blade is pretty handy as well.  Kudos to you on developing some great products"

Steve Yezek