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A good light source will be needed at the classes in Pendleton. However, we will be unable to provide power strips and chords; a rechargeable work light is the best light source for our needs. I’ve been happy with the lights pictured here. The COB lights have magnetic bases and can be made more stable if you have a steel disc to stick them on. I’ll have some of these discs with me that you can use. The ERAVSOW light is very stable, and you can switch it from side to side as needed. I’ve provided links for these below the pictures.

Links to purchase the work lights pictured above. COB single light, COB two pack, ERAVSOW LED WORK LIGHT

The tools that you will need when attending my classes are listed here along with images and links to the sites where they can be purchased.

Upcoming Pendleton, Oregon Classes

Sharpening the Swivel Knife, and Methods of its Use for Smooth Control

All Skill Levels Welcome!

Control of the Swivel knife is fundamental to all decorative work with leather.  Attendees will learn to properly sharpen and strop their knives.  Gordon will work with each student to adjust their knives to reduce muscle and joint fatigue and allow for the greatest control of the tool.  He will show you how to free yourself up to move better and make smooth flowing cuts.  Emphasis will also be placed on making cuts of any length that fade from full width to whisper thin over the full length of the cut.  Also covered will be, making push cuts, avoiding undercuts, and practice exercises for improving finish cuts.

Materials to Bring: Three ring binder, desk lamp (see the links above), swivel knives, blades, sharpening guides, stones, and strops. Tools for this workshop are available here. Sharpening setups will be available to use at the workshop.

Cutting in, Beveling, and Bar grounding

All Skill Levels Welcome!

Of the many steps involved in floral leather tooling these three will make or break the outcome of a piece.  Beveling is a subtle skill and attendees will gain a greater ability to walk the beveler for smooth toolmark free results.  Gordon has a few bar grounding tricks to share also that that can greatly improve your background work. 

Though not required for this class, taking the morning session, Sharpening the Swivel Knife, and Methods of its Use for Smooth Control, will prepare you to get the most out of this session.

Materials to Bring: Three ring binder, desk lamp (see the links above), swivel knives with sharp blades, strop, modeling spoon, stylus, mallet or maul, bevelers, petal lifters, back bevelers, and a set of bargrounders; size 30 to 40 is a good range for this class. Red Ox brand swivel knives and blades can be purchased at this site. Stamp tools for this class can be purchased at Barry King stamps. Bring your stamping rock if you can. If you are unable to bring one there will be some available for you to use.

Only tools that are listed above are needed for this workshop. If you need to fill out your kit for the class, the following list from Barry King Tools is a ready source.

For this class you don’t need all of the tools shown below.

Illustrated Listing of a Basic Tool Kit for Leather Tooling .

Basic Hand Stitching

All Skill Levels Welcome!

Recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in the simple elegance of hand stitched leather work. Mastery with needle and thread is the most fundamental skill in the leather arts. This workshop will cover basic double needle harness stitching using a pricking iron to mark out the stitching. 

Casting a hitch in the stitch and tying off with a hidden knot will also be covered.  An extensive handout is included with your attendance. 

Materials to Bring:  Three ring binder, note taking materials. Sharp 2”(50mm) or smaller diamond awl with handle , and straight round awls . Size 003 or 004 harness needles, size 7 pricking irons 2 and 5 teethTools for this workshop can be purchased here. Jeremiah and Colleen Watt have very nice pricking irons and very good stitch groove cutters.

Advanced Hand Stitching “The Box Stitch”

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced, or attendance of the morning Beginning Hand Stitching workshop.

This is a unique opportunity to learn one of the less known stitching techniques of fine leatherwork.  An extensive handout is included with your attendance. 

At one time many cases or boxes were made from leather, and the makers of these case goods employed the use of hand box stitching.  Though rarely taught today, this stitching technique is a hallmark of the finest work in leather and is still used in the finest case work.  Workshop attendees will progress through the steps with Gordon to learn the technique.

Materials to Bring: Three ring binder, stitch marking tools, layout dividers, #7 pricking wheels or overstitch wheels, harness needles, sharp 2” (50mm) or smaller diamond awl with handle. Note taking materials. Cameras welcome.  Gordon will have pricking wheels for you to use during the class. Tools will be provided where needed.  Tools for this workshop can be purchased here, and from Horseshoe Brand Tools or Barry King Tools.