Hello. My name is Gordon Andrus and it is a great pleasure to welcome you to Red Ox Brand Tools.  While you're here I hope you'll check out my In-Line Swivel Knife Sharpener, and the excerpts from my book, "Drawing Floral Patterns for Leather Tooling, with Acanthus Leaves and Scrolls."  I also invite you to check back from time to time and follow my instructional posts, commentary, videos, and other information relative to the leather arts.

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Make a domed, silver, stainless steel, or nickel headed copper rivet.

I recently had a friend ask me if I knew of a way to get rivets that would match stainless steel saddle hardware.  This – riveting – video shows what I came up with.  I used nickel discs for this, and they came out very well.  The low temperature solder didn’t soften the copper and they are easy to set.  Please excuse my hemming and hawing.  I was winging it…