Waxed Poly Hand Stitching Thread


Pre waxed polyester thread made specifically for hand stitching. Polyester is a quality material for hand stitching thread, as it resists UV light, has little stretch, and holds wax very well.


This pre-waxed polyester thread is made specifically for hand stitching.  Our COAD Hand Stitching Wax can be applied to it, giving it the ability to hold stitches tight as you work.

Polyester is a quality material for hand stitching thread. Like linen, it has little stretch, and it holds wax well.  Unlike linen or nylon, it is resistant to sunlight.

This traditionaly plied thread is ‘plied’, or spun from it’s individual fibers.  Unlike braided thread it’s twisted fibers pull tightly together when the stitch is pulled tight, giving hand stitching it’s traditional appearance and strength.



Additional information

Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 1.4 × 2 in

Coffee Brown, Natural Fiber, Russet


TEX 135 x 186 YDS., TEX 207 x 120 YDS., TEX 277 x 93 YDS., TEX 346 x 55 YDS.


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